Terminal Containment Volumetric Calculations

The objective of this project was to complete a site survey with a UAV.  The survey data was used to complete site topographic drawings showing runoff patterns.  The customer additionally requested Orbital to validate the containment volume for each tank.  Orbital flew over the terminal area with a DJI Inspire UAV recording photographic data during the flight.  The photographic data recorded was then imported into Pix4D software to complete point clouds and volumetric calculations.  The software allows the technician to make any needed model corrections to ensure an accurate output.   Orbital increased the accuracy of the output data by recording data for 23 control point on the site.   The control points were determined by Orbital’s personnel and each control point was recorded with a Trimble Geo 7 Series Premium Centimeter GPS System.   The GPS data for each control point was entered into the Pix4D software.

  • Onsite time: 6 hours
  • Flight Time: 5 hours

The customer was completing the volume calculations manually.   This method was not giving them accurate data.  Additionally, the manual method could not locate the low spots on dikes where the overflow could occur.    Use of the UAV has proven to be safer, more accurate and more efficient.