Overhead Crane Runway Inspection

The objective of this project was to complete a visual inspection of crane runways in a steel production facility.   Using an UAV allowed for limited production impacts but still allowing the structural condition of the runway’s key structural components to be inspected.  Orbital flew along the runways with a Flyability Elios UAV recording video during the flight.  The video recorded was reviewed by an engineer to compile deficiencies that require maintenance activities to ensure the integrity of the runways.  A final inspection report was created listing each deficiency with a picture, location and required mitigation.

  • Onsite time: 10 hour
  • Flight Time: 4 hours

The customer impacted operations by needing to lockout the crane for longer periods to complete the inspection by walking the runways or with use of a manlift.  Additionally, having personnel at height is a safety hazard.  So using the UAV allowed for a more efficient inspections with less operational impact and limited personnel exposure to work hazarads.