Coke Drum Internal Weld Seam Visual Inspection with ORBCAM

The objective of this project was to complete an internal visual inspection of the weld seams on the inside surface of a coke drum shell.  The ORBCAM required a tripod with a winch at the top of the coke drum for operating the vertical movement of the ORBCAM.  To ensure the ORBCAM does not move in a pendulum motion while descending two guide ropes were used, both secured at the top and bottom.    The ORBCAM’s payload included a 4K camera with LED lights all mounted on a self-balancing gimbal.  The gimbal allowed the camera to rotate 360 degrees plus pan up and down.  The camera additionally had an optical zoom of 13x.  The gimbal movement was operated with a wireless controller from the coke drum discharge.   A monitor was set-up to view the video feed live.

The inspection in the past was completed using a point and shoot camera mounted onto the stem set to record video.  The past inspection method provided limited information since there were no real live controls and minimal lighting.   Customer documentation of the weld seams and past repairs assisted in the inspection.  The ORBCAM allowed for a systematic process to inspect the weld seams and to easily update the weld seam drawing.   This inspection has helped the customer plan for a future turnaround.  Prior inspections required the customer to guess on the needed weld repair magnitude.   The inspection was completed in a day and depending on facility operations the work could be completed in a half day.

  • Descending

  • Weld seams

  • Zoom on seem

  • Zoom within seam