Orbital Technical Solutions Presents at Las Vegas International Drone Conference and Exposition

Orbital Technical Solutions recently had the opportunity to present at the Las Vegas International Drone Conference and Exposition September 6-8, 2017.  Orbital’s own Rich Schutte spoke on utilizing and flying drones in hazardous and confined space environments to an audience of 70. Below is a recap of Rich’s presentation.

For centuries, the only way to inspect dangerous or confined areas was by having personnel enter these hazardous zones. Additionally, these inspections required plant shutdowns while inspectors rappelled into an area with full-face respirators on for hours. However, with advancements in technology, such as UAVs, this dangerous job can now be completed safely while operating a UAV.

Rich’s presentation provided an overview of flying UAVs in a hazardous and/or confined area. Attendees learned what is a hazardous/confined environment and UAV-specific challenges associated with each. The presentation also included case studies of heavy industrial inspections performed by both internal and external UAVs.

Additional Topics Rich touched on were:

  • Defining a hazardous/confined environment (such as gaseous, flammable or underground).
  • Explaining special UAV requirements for flights (such as non-GPS environment, lighting issues, brometric pressure issues, or magnetic interference).
  • An overview of inspection-based flights (blue print or structural plans, recording of landmarks, ID emergency landing areas, etc.)